Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Butterfly Residence

As the day closes a master butterfly makes sure small butterflies fly safely home. Then the master returns to hos own residence.

Butterfly Condo

The butterfly pauses just outside her condo to enjoy the neighborhood.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Chalk Intelligence

Chalk was used in ancient times for creating cave drawings. Later, artists started using chalk as a pigment in artwork. Then teachers used chalk in their classrooms as a teaching medium by writing on chalkboards. Imagine all of the intelligent and educational words written by a little white stick of calcium carbonate, only to be rubbed off later by a blackboard eraser. These erasers are clapped together over a trash can or outdoors by a student. What happens to the intelligent energy which is in the chalk dust? Does it go out into the Universe?

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Pink Bubbly

Lucinda poured her small goblet of fresh poured pink champagne behind the pink vase. The champagne was extra bubbly and from where Beth sat, the bubbles appeared to be rising out of the vase.

Traveling Butterflies

Two butterflies pose for a photo. No one knows exactly where this photograph was taken. It could have been over street grids or a distance from earth. Strange!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Ticket to Paradise

This painting is about taking a ticket to retire in Florida. The energy of the city now fades into the background. As a butterfly appears with the "Ticket to Paradise". Artwork, beaches, and love for ancient people provide a new world. There are great things to do . It's like emerging from a cocoon.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Art - Ticket to the Future

This painting was inspired by inpiremethursday.com!

Processions of time, life’s journey is mine,
A ticket for your thoughts.
Tour buses and planes, shows and trains,
All tickets I have sought.

Time slips by now, and I wonder how,
It wasn’t clear before.
The tickets of life, the end of strife
Not things, but so much more.

The artist in me, comes out you see,
Tickets of sparkling sunshine,
Divine roses and songs, now I belong,
My ticket is coveted time.

Paintings within a Painting:

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Aladdin's Lamp

Aladdin’s lamp floating upon the sea
Shell treasures swimming in harmony.
Breaching the surface, they touch the light
And greet the dawn, new hope in sight.
Waves of change rise to touch the blue sky
An albatross signals a boat passing by.
Look, see Aladdin’s lamp glistening here
One wish will be granted, the time is near.
The sailor crafted a wish of love
Admiring God’s work from heaven above.
The wish was really quite simple you see,
He asked for a world of tranquility.

Poem by: Janet Gililand

Incandescent Butterfly

This butterfly is one of a kind. He was supposed to be yellow when he came out of his cocoon but instead he turned out to be purple, aquamarine, and gold.

If you look at the painting the right way, you can see the face of a woman on the upper left wing.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Art For a Child

Butterfly House

My butterfly wings take wind and sail
Come fly with me on my magical tale.

Sparkling winged fairies live in the lee
Colors burst forth all around us to see.

Five fairies in all come out to play
They join my journey early each day.

In search of colors to match our wings
And the nectar a beautiful flower brings.

The fairies delight in games of flight
Then we sail home and out of sight.

Nestling my ship at the edge of home
Greetings to friends at the honeybee comb.

Playful butterfly full of delight
Rest those wings another night.

Poem By: Janet Gililand

Find the Birds

Everybody loves butterflies especially baby birds. Many Momma birds brings the baby birds to see the butterfly late in the afternoon. How many baby birds can you find?

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Golden Webs

In the afternoon the sun shines through the west window and into the decor colors of orange, red, and yellow reaching the spider web in a dark room causing the web to appear as it it were decorated in these colors. This illusion stays for awhile, then fades with the sun.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Horn Ensemble

Horn Ensemble has the same color scheme and similar theme to one of my previously posted paintings entitled New Ensemble.

"This musician has mastered playing this four horn multi-function instrument. It makes her performing solo quite awesome.

Butterfly Ship

"Seeing into another dimension allows us to see things that are beyond 3D. The butterfly kingdom is quite beautiful I've heard."

Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Lost Art of Letter Writing

Eleanor stands before the stack of returned letters she keeps in a small green chest. Another dear friend has passed on who never had the opportunity to read Eleanor's last letter.

Eleanor is old school and now experiences a different world with e-mail, cell phones, and texting which she finds very sad. For many years she communicated quite well with writing letters and dialing her rotary phone. At the age of 10, she spent an entire summer with her grandmother perfecting her penmanship and learning the family's art of letter writing. That summer opened her world to communication through writing great letters.

Receiving a letter from a pen pal in a distant country brought Eleanor the utmost joy. It something that she could hold in her hands and read as often as she wished. There were occasions in which a pen pal, dearest friend, or relative would arrive for a special visit. One of the most exciting pen pals was a renowned person of great royalty in another country. And she and her family were always kind enough to send letters to the sick and shut-in.

On her birthday and special occasions Eleanor always received a box of the finest linen stationary. One Christmas she received the gift of her own seal from her royal pen pal. In her young adult years, her fiance was drafted into the army and whisked off to war. She wrote him a letter almost every single day. Upon his return home, he thanked her for all of her letters, making mail call the one thing that kept him from being lonely and depressed. Of course Eleanor had saved all the letters from her fiance as well.

She taught her own children and grandchildren the art of good friendly letter writing, sharing with them some of her own letters she had received in the past. Most letters were quite long, from 10 to 15 pages, containing all of the news and information one could bring to mind. This was always different from a telephone conversation or an e-mail. When she was young there was no television or computers. Instead, many evenings were devoted to letter writing. This communication with distant friends and relatives actually kept up the current information which she thought was better than the present. With pride, she keeps her own letter archives well organized and in great condition. Some of her collections actually tell wonderful stories all by themselves.

Eleanor has continued her letter writing and penmanship even though her recipients are so few now. Now is not what it used to be due technology but just in case there is a long power failure, Eleanor has the talent and enthusiasm to sit down and write a letter or two.

This painting was inspired by www.inspiremethursday.com.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Orange City

Orange City is a busy little place that connects to the rest of the world. A hometown where white collar workers take off their ties and indulge in games and whimsy and music. People do their own thing and attract others from faraway places who turn up often in order to enjoy the ambiance and become camouflaged in fun and excitement.


It's high tide and the waves break upon the west side of the lighthouse. The lighthouse was built upon the beach backed by the rocky reef. The lighthouse keeper loves the sound of waves crashing on the rocks and the seagulls flying about.