Friday, June 26, 2009

Chalk Intelligence

Chalk was used in ancient times for creating cave drawings. Later, artists started using chalk as a pigment in artwork. Then teachers used chalk in their classrooms as a teaching medium by writing on chalkboards. Imagine all of the intelligent and educational words written by a little white stick of calcium carbonate, only to be rubbed off later by a blackboard eraser. These erasers are clapped together over a trash can or outdoors by a student. What happens to the intelligent energy which is in the chalk dust? Does it go out into the Universe?


  1. what an intelligent post and perfect picture too.

  2. Ah, I never wondered what became of all the words and diagrams from my myriad boards through the years! But, hopefully, the images were imprinted on some of the brains of the students?? Now see your pottsy grid is different than those we drew!