Saturday, May 30, 2009

Altered Ancestor

The subject of this painting was inspired by the website

Altering is instilled through DNA. This may take a very long time all depending on the intended change which could take as long as 2000 years. The DNA in humans contained simpler patterns with our ancestors which has been stepped up through treatment conducted with energy. The more energy that is absorbed the more profound the improvement will be. This female with the enlarged skull has absorbed many years of DNA treatment that has accrued through a number of generations in her family. Her skull has enlarged due to the growth of her brain. With no more space between skin and skull, hair follicles have no more room to grow causing permanent baldness. She is now quite intelligent having a larger brain and she no longer possesses human logic. She has become multi-dimensional and communicates with higher life forms.

Thursday, May 28, 2009


I had no idea about what I was painting my first day of working on spirituality. I struggled to grasp its meaning on the second day as I stared, painted some, and set it aside for later. The third day I felt that I should change the colors and some of the shapes. The original somewhat whimsical picture of cowgirl boots and big toes painted in a sandal with gold nail polish just kept feeling too silly. I began to see a swirling mass of spiritual energy resembling chakras and a higher self. The colors of purple for spirituality and turquoise from my own Native American ancestry became a cone shaped hat for protection. The colors also depict a spiritual aura. Finally, I felt that this painting was finished.

His Mask

This is the first painting in a series of 3 masks. "His Mask" is another one of my paintings that has a story behind it.

"The mask was purchased by a man who visited a small distant city who was intrigued with it. He kept wearing the mask at home long after possessing it. Eventually the mask absorbed a great deal of the man's energy and was often seen with one eye wide open. "His Mask" starting developing a personality of its own.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Higher Self

I felt that true self would be another twin or sequel to the painting called "Spirituality" but i wasn't sure about the color combination as well as the use of the color black. The five small spirals were supposed to be spiritual accomplishments. The books represent the many books I have read on spirituality and self improvement. At the end of the day the small spirals were not looking so well and the two in the upper left hand corner suddenly appeared to be a big-eyed something looking down upon the lady. I also did not like the yellow. I painted black almost like x's over the five spirals. Then I saw the line between the left side and the right side. The left side of alternated colors are the spiritual ladder. Yellow is the color for figuring out things and black absorbs energy. The x'd out spirals on the left represent the past that no longer has to be dealt with. The books represent much learning. The umbrella with the un-x'd spiral is protection. A lady with fair skin stands out against the dark. She's using her upper chakras (blue-throat chakra, purple -spiritual eye chakra, and magenta - crown chakra). The white cap is for godliness and the pink waves are for love and peacefulness.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Birds

"Some of the animal world has arrived at the park which is closed for the holiday." This painting contains a bunch of different animals including eight birds, an owl , a duck, an eagle , a cat, and finally a dragon. Some you have to really look for. See if you can find them all!

Strange Coffee

I love coffee and I have drank it as long as I can remember. Even before I started to school, I remember everyone who sat at my family's breakfast table was given a cup of coffee. It did not make me hyper as I would drink two more cups during the course of the day after I started school. Some years ago I had a very wonderful friend and neighbor who often invited me over for coffee or tea. She alternated making each beverage and made them both in the same coffee maker. One afternoon she called me to come over for coffee. The coffee tasted strange on the first sip and I could not tell if it was coffee or tea. I did not say anything that day as not to hurt my friends feelings. I really did not like this painting the first time that I painted it so I set it aside. Recently I retrieved the painting with the feeling that it was time to continue with it. I repainted "Strange Coffee" with an opaque light gray color and repainted the weird looking coffee pot on top of that. This painting is a reminder that sometimes I don't have to forget the past because I have always loved coffee.

Monday, May 25, 2009

New Ensemble

Like a lot of my paintings, "New Ensemble" tells a story.

No one knows where this small strange group of musicians (two of whom are hiding) came from. Everyone who has seen them perform has claimed their music is quite wonderful although it's a bit odd.

The painting turned out differently than I felt it would be. I did not particularly like the color combo until I had completed the painting.

Card Game

Card game is another painting that just came together upon completion. I was not intending for the design to look like a decks of cards. It reminded me of the many card games I have played in the past. I've always noticed how card players hold their card hands. Some players hold their fan of cards tight while others hold them loosely. Some hold their cards close so you cannot see their hand while others have a few of their cards that can be seen. I have always wondered if winning or losing was due to how the cards fall or is it how the game is played.

Sea Reflections and Silver Ships

Sea Reflections and Silver Ships are actually a pair of paintings that go together.

When I've flown over the Gulf of Mexico I have seen the more shallow patches of water in beautiful aquamarine color . I have always wondered what might lie beneath the water. I wonder if beautiful shells and items lost at sea somehow get collected together and form a beautiful collage with magnificent colors reflecting off each other. Who would know?

Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Garden

I had painted overlapping discs, one evening, in metallic aquamarine, red, and gold. They appeared to be hot air balloons and maybe I was supposed to turn the painting around. The next day, this particular corner of the painting was not saying anything and did not seem to be manifesting. I felt at this point I was stuck. I repainted a few of these watermelon looking disks to black and I noticed that they had started to look like sliced peaches. I then painted over them with olive green. At this point the painting started to take shape. "Olive Green? Watermelon?" I thought to myself. "How about a garden!" I had planted some big seeds.

The bottom half of the painting is all garden. The upper left side shows the four card symbols representing taking a chance and that life is a gamble. The right side first produces a vase in the garden and out of it grows flowers. Everything is coming up roses and a lot more seeds.