Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Strange Coffee

I love coffee and I have drank it as long as I can remember. Even before I started to school, I remember everyone who sat at my family's breakfast table was given a cup of coffee. It did not make me hyper as I would drink two more cups during the course of the day after I started school. Some years ago I had a very wonderful friend and neighbor who often invited me over for coffee or tea. She alternated making each beverage and made them both in the same coffee maker. One afternoon she called me to come over for coffee. The coffee tasted strange on the first sip and I could not tell if it was coffee or tea. I did not say anything that day as not to hurt my friends feelings. I really did not like this painting the first time that I painted it so I set it aside. Recently I retrieved the painting with the feeling that it was time to continue with it. I repainted "Strange Coffee" with an opaque light gray color and repainted the weird looking coffee pot on top of that. This painting is a reminder that sometimes I don't have to forget the past because I have always loved coffee.


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