Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Higher Self

I felt that true self would be another twin or sequel to the painting called "Spirituality" but i wasn't sure about the color combination as well as the use of the color black. The five small spirals were supposed to be spiritual accomplishments. The books represent the many books I have read on spirituality and self improvement. At the end of the day the small spirals were not looking so well and the two in the upper left hand corner suddenly appeared to be a big-eyed something looking down upon the lady. I also did not like the yellow. I painted black almost like x's over the five spirals. Then I saw the line between the left side and the right side. The left side of alternated colors are the spiritual ladder. Yellow is the color for figuring out things and black absorbs energy. The x'd out spirals on the left represent the past that no longer has to be dealt with. The books represent much learning. The umbrella with the un-x'd spiral is protection. A lady with fair skin stands out against the dark. She's using her upper chakras (blue-throat chakra, purple -spiritual eye chakra, and magenta - crown chakra). The white cap is for godliness and the pink waves are for love and peacefulness.


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