Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Garden

I had painted overlapping discs, one evening, in metallic aquamarine, red, and gold. They appeared to be hot air balloons and maybe I was supposed to turn the painting around. The next day, this particular corner of the painting was not saying anything and did not seem to be manifesting. I felt at this point I was stuck. I repainted a few of these watermelon looking disks to black and I noticed that they had started to look like sliced peaches. I then painted over them with olive green. At this point the painting started to take shape. "Olive Green? Watermelon?" I thought to myself. "How about a garden!" I had planted some big seeds.

The bottom half of the painting is all garden. The upper left side shows the four card symbols representing taking a chance and that life is a gamble. The right side first produces a vase in the garden and out of it grows flowers. Everything is coming up roses and a lot more seeds.

1 comment:

  1. This is a fantastic painting and I can't wait to see more! It's nice to see something new and different.