Thursday, June 11, 2009

Art For a Child

Butterfly House

My butterfly wings take wind and sail
Come fly with me on my magical tale.

Sparkling winged fairies live in the lee
Colors burst forth all around us to see.

Five fairies in all come out to play
They join my journey early each day.

In search of colors to match our wings
And the nectar a beautiful flower brings.

The fairies delight in games of flight
Then we sail home and out of sight.

Nestling my ship at the edge of home
Greetings to friends at the honeybee comb.

Playful butterfly full of delight
Rest those wings another night.

Poem By: Janet Gililand

Find the Birds

Everybody loves butterflies especially baby birds. Many Momma birds brings the baby birds to see the butterfly late in the afternoon. How many baby birds can you find?


  1. very lovely art work and I love the story that goes with it

  2. I love your new picture. Your artwork is my inspiration.